Sunday, August 18, 2013

Should I get the mighty bullet or the nutribullet?

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 on Nutribullet healthy organic green smoothie drink
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I am trying to decide between the magic bullet and the nutribullet. I want the nutribullet for the purpose of making green smoothies but I also want to do the things the magic bullet does on the commercial like make salsa, pasta sauce, guacamole, etc. would the nutribullet be able to do the things the magic bullet can or would my salsa come out as soup?

Your decision will be made easy when you consider the strength of the mighty bullet over the nutribullet to the degree that they can be strong being bullets (this means penetrative power not force of muscle). It will make the salsas, sauces and guacamoles you want with the touch of the salsa setting from your fingers, not there on nutribullet. Despite it works like any blender, it's' low quality means little product not making anything it's' not creative, more that juicer than blender.

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